Mold and Air Quality Inspections

Portland Metro Area residents understand that our damp climate is perfect for mold and fungal growth. As a trusted and qualified Portland mold inspector I can identify places in your home conducive to mold growth. I can also take scientific samples to determine the type of mold growing.  Additionally as a Portland mold specialist I can pref0rm an air quality test to evaluate the levels and types of molds present in your home's air.

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Picture showing active mold growth in the attic of this Portland home.  This type of situation can shorten the life of your roof and lead to roof leaking.

This is mold found in a Porltand crawlspace.  Mold spores can escape and enter the rooms above negativily affecting the home's air quality

Moisture is the biggest facilitator of mold growth.  This moisture was found in the crawlspace of a home.

Doug Diller

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