What's Inspected during a home inspection

By going beyond the Oregon state requirements in observing and describing a home's conditions and systems, Goal Line Inspections provides you with quality information that will assist you in your decision making process. 

When preforming a home inspection around Portland it is approached from an inside out, top down method.  The roof, siding, foundation and other exterior components are inspected first.  The second step is to get into those hard to reach areas such as the attic and crawl space.  After that the inside of the home; kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms etc... are inspected.  Finally all the systems are evaluated; Electrical, Heating, A/C, Plumbing etc...

After the inspection a report is generated and gone over with you, to insure you understand what has been found. 

Here are some of the issues typically found during a home inspection here in Portland:
-Roof: There is lots of rain in Portland so moss, curling shingles, and damaged flashing are often found
-Siding: Because of the change in temperature in Portland house siding contracts and expands.  Caulk at board joints and around windows usually need attention
-Electrical: Regardless of the house there is almost always one electrical problem found.

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