Home Inspection Types in the Portland Metro Area

Standard Home Inspection

  This inspection is designed for a home buyer.  Some of the items inspected; roof, siding, foundation, attic, crawl space, plumbing, heating, electrical, appliances etc...  You will be provided with; a detailed home inspection check list, color photos, and recommendations.  As an extra value a Green Inspection is included with all Home Inspections.   GLI also provides complimentary follow up services via the phone or e-mail.

Security Inspection

Based on over 10 year of law enforcement experience, you will provided with a report alerting you to areas inside and outside your home that require your attention in order to provide additional safety for you and your family.

If you will be listing your home and would like it to sell more quickly, thereby saving you money, this inspection is for you.  GLI will do the same type of inspection as would be done on a pre-purchase home.  With the report you can identify items that the sellers may require to have fixed.  The sooner the items are fixed the sooner you sell the home thereby saving you money.  Click Pre Inspection for more details.

Move-in Move-out Inspection

Landlords and property managers this inspection is for you.  A comprehensive report of the cosmetic condition of the property (including photos) will be provided to you.  Use it determine the amount of security deposit your renter get returned.  Then the report can be used to document the move-in condition for the next renter.  You will save valuable time by having GLI provide this service for you.


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